Environmental protection by Chemex

Protection of the environment is a requirement for us to have continuous success and we are already acting responsibly for our future. 

Since 2001 we have regularly modernized our machinery, such as core shooters, amine scrubbers and compressors. Hence, it is technically up-to-date. This has allowed us to improve energy efficiency and to conserve the environment. 

Oven curing of CB-bonded feeder sleeves is not required, unlike other manufacturing methods. So we save energy and natural resources within our manufacturing process. 

One of the byproducts of the energy industry is an important raw material for the production of CB-bonded feeder sleeves. By using this we again add to the conservation of resources.  

By applying this raw material we achieve a lower density of our products. This results in an improvement in ergonomics while saving handling and energy costs in transport. 

Another consequence of this development work is that we are able to produce feeder sleeves with an extremely low fluorine content. This results in a significant reduction of the fluorine content in the moulding sand, which in turn leads to a decrease of scrap, and energy saving during the melting process. 

By applying our patented Tele-feeder our customers are able to achieve a higher output. This means that the energy input is lower for every casting. 

In the future, we'll continue to strive to protect the environment in every part of our company.