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Our solution for vertical moulding lines

The innovative Side-Insert-Sleeve was developed by Chemex for use on vertical moulding lines.

With this new technology, we have succeeded in making the simple application of feeder caps, common on horizontal moulding lines, possible on vertical moulding lines.

Our Side-Insert-Sleeve can easily be inserted into the mould manually or semi-automatically with the help of the core inserter. This means that no complex adjustment of the moulding line is required to insert the feeder into the mould.

Learn more about how the Chemex Side-Insert-Sleeve works.

Benefits of the Side-Insert-Sleeve

This insert sleeve was specially developed for use in vertically split moulding lines and offers a host of benefits:


  • Higher yields

  • Lower melting costs

  • Fluorine-free formulations

  • Automatable application

  • Lower scrap rates

  • More efficient pattern plate loading

The Side-Insert-Sleeve

  • Feeder cap technology for vertical moulding lines

  • Automatable application thanks to core inserter

  • Increased output enables more efficient pattern plate loading and increased piece weights

  • No conversion of the moulding plant necessary