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The Side-Insert-Sleeve is one of the latest developments from Chemex Foundry Solutions GmbH. It has been developed mainly for customers who use vertically partitioned moulding lines. The biggest advantage of this one-piece feeding system is its easy and automatable positioning in the mould face with the help of the core inserter.

In addition to the air removal via the feeder at the partition level, the system also achieves an increase in output. In many cases, this increases the efficiency of pattern plate layouts.


With the Tele-Side-Riser system, Chemex has made its innovative, proprietary telescopic technology available for vertical moulding lines, including all of the advantages of our classic Tele-Feeder-System, such as high-volume output and low fettling effort thanks to its minimal footprint.

As with our Side-Insert-Sleeve, air can be discharged via the mould partition. The system’s improved output allows more or larger castings to be placed on the pattern plate.


The two-part Tele-Feeder-System is a Chemex invention and also our flagship feeding solution. The greatest advantage of this system is its innovative telescopic technology, in which the upper section slides over the lower section during the moulding process.

This guarantees enhanced compaction of the moulding sand below the feeder, while also allowing the system to absorb much of the energy of the compaction pressure. The lower section is thus protected from the compaction pressure, thereby creating a defined break-off point, which minimizes releasing and cleaning costs.

Tele SF System

The Tele-sphere feeder combines the advantages of a classic sphere feeder with those of the well-known tele feeder system.

It is designed on the shape of a sphere and is very close to the casting due to its thermodynamically favourable shape in the compacted state. 

The feeder also consists of two identical halves, so that only one tool is required for production.

It is held together by a band and has a lower height than the tele-feeder, making it ideal for moulding lines with a low box height.


The ExoPlast is a self-curing Pentex binder system that does not require fumigation or heating.

When using the ExoPlast, there are two application options to choose from.

The manual assembly or the production of a contour break core via the use of a 3D mould, which can then be used for the casting process.

During the casting process itself, the ExoPlast behaves thermally exactly like a feeder and is therefore suitable for fast and efficient prototype casting or for small series.