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Our many years of experience set us apart. Since 1974, we have been part of the international network of the HA Group, which today has around 1,800 dedicated employees worldwide.

From the beginning

In 1905, Albert Stahn, a gifted inventor, founded Albertuswerke GmbH in Hanover, Germany. Seven years later, the brothers Wilhelm and Karl Hüttenes founded Gebrüder Hüttenes o.H. in 1912. The merger of the two companies resulted in the formation of Hüttenes-Albertus Chemische Werke GmbH on January 1, 1970. The merged company succeeded in positioning itself as a full-range supplier for all common core manufacturing processes and established its technological superiority against its global competitors. From very early in its existence, the company invested in R&D to develop new products and continuously improve on existing foundry technologies.

In 1974, foundries around the world gained a competent partner for innovative feeder systems when Chemex GmbH was founded. Forty-four years later, the company was rebranded as Chemex Foundry Solutions GmbH, the global technology leader in the field of feeder technology.

The foundation of Chemex GmbH was accompanied by the acquisition of a feeder manufacturer in Delligsen, which supplied a local steel foundry with feeders. Since its foundation, Chemex has been operating as a subsidiary of HA. 

The 1990s

In the beginning, Chemex had two other sites in addition to its plant in Delligsen: Düsseldorf and Albringhausen.

In 1994, H.A. Kovochem was founded in Mnisek, Czech Republic. The company initially operated as a subsidiary of HA. The company added slurry feeders to the HA Group portfolio, which are produced exclusively in Mnisek.

In 1996, H.A. Kovochem became part of Chemex GmbH as a wholly owned subsidiary, which meant that the HA Group’s entire feeder portfolio was now distributed by Chemex.

The 2000s

In 2004, almost all customers previously supplied with water glass feeders were switched over to modern Cold-Box feeders, which offered higher dimensional accuracy and improved storage qualities. These Cold-Box feeders were largely manufactured in Delligsen. In 2005, the plant in Albringhausen closed and the remaining production was reassigned to the plants in Delligsen (Cold-Box feeders) and H.A. Kovochem (water glass feeders). In 2008, fire broke out at the main Chemex plant in Delligsen. The reconstruction of the main plant was completed in 2010, allowing Chemex to manufacture all Cold-Box feeders in Delligsen once more.

Just one year later, Chemex was producing more feeders than ever before. This success is due to the company’s ambitious investment in modern equipment and production technologies. The starting signal for the steadily growing expansion of the production and innovation hub in Delligsen had sounded!


In 2018, Chemex GmbH is officially renamed Chemex Foundry Solutions GmbH and merges with Eurokern Gießereitechnik GmbH, another subsidiary of Hüttenes-Albertus.

Since 2021, the expansion of the Delligsen feeder plant has been proceeding at pace: The project for in-house production of core-shell particles will be moved to Delligsen, where the process will be further developed from the research stage to series production readiness.

In 2022/23, construction of a modern new building for the administrative offices. The site’s redevelopment will also create additional storage space for the production division. This will free up some of the existing storage areas, making them available for new projects, such as the production of core-shell particles (CSPs). With advances like these, our Delligsen site will take another giant leap in its development into the most modern feeder production centre in the world.