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The next generation of Tele-Feeders

The Tele-MT-System was successfully introduced in foundries throughout Europe as a logical further development of the Tele-Feeder-System. The special feature of the MT-Type is a metallic tube positioned in the lower section of the Tele-Feeder.

With the design of the MT-Type, the already small footprint of the Tele-Feeder has been further reduced by another 37% with almost unchanged feeder neck diameter.

This reduction provides foundries with significantly improved possibilities of application on sophisticated casting contours, combined with a very clean breakoff point at casting surface level.

Telescopic technology and minimal footprint

As an advance on Chemex’s proven Tele-Feeder System, the Tele-MT System offers a wide range of benefits for your production:


  • Higher yields

  • Lower melting costs

  • Lower scrap rates

  • Fluorine-free formulations

  • Minimal contact area to the casting

  • Less fettling required

  • Heated feeder neck

  • Use of maintenance-free positioning aid

The Tele-MT-System

  • Heating of the metallic tube via exothermic constriction

  • Specially developed telescopic effect

  • Less cleaning and separation effort thanks to minimal footprint

  • Fluorine-free formulations prevent surface defects