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Telescopic Technology for vertical moulding lines

Side-Risers have been specially designed for use on vertically partitioned moulding lines.

A distinction is made between two product lines. The first is the Tele-Side-Feeder-System which is suitable for moulding on the pattern plate, analogous to the classic Tele-Feeder-System for horizontal moulding lines. Chemex also offers insert sleeves that can be inserted into the mould bales manually or with the help of the core inserter after the compaction process.

Learn more about how the Tele-Side-Riser works.

Benefits of the Tele-Side-Riser

Chemex Tele-Side-Risers are specifically designed for use in vertically partitioned moulding lines. With a choice between Tele-Side-Risers and innovative Side-Insert-Sleeves, our selection of side risers offers a wide range of benefits for foundries:


  • Higher yields

  • Lower melting costs

  • Lower scrap rates

  • Fluorine-free formulations

  • Minimal footprint

  • Less fettling required

  • Heated feeder neck

  • Innovative telescopic technology

Our Tele-Side-Risers

  • Telescopic technology especially for vertical moulding lines

  • Increase in realizable unit weights and plate loading

  • Good venting via the feeder, no gas induced casting defects

  • Free positioning on pattern plate

  • Fluorine-free formulations